‘A changed route’

It will be approximately march 2016 before I will roll out with my bicycle from the Foarwei and start my major trip. So I have a little year to prepare. In the meantime I like to keep this blog alive as well, so I hope I can come up with something interesting now and then. Maybe I started a little to early in my enthusiasm.

But I can mention here that I won’t ride through Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan in order to reach China. Those countries are to instable/unsafe at the moment. That’s why I’ve decided to head north after I have crossed Turkey. That’s why I am going to explore Kazachstan. A country that is really completely unknown to me. I’ve never been to Iran and those countries, but I have a feeling that I ‘know’ them a little more, because of the media. Never trust the media, you say. I couldn’t agree more with you, but because of the media I just had a little peek at those countries. Which I didn’t have with Kazachstan.

I have the feeling that I am getting even more excited about my changed route – and I am fully aware that ‘a changed route’ will be standard instead of an exception – because Kazachstan is so unfarmiliar for me, so I like to change that. Advice on that part of the world is most welcome and tips for must reads.

Furthermore I decided to cycle from Japan through Siberia as to reach Alaska. But I especially like to do that with someone else. I asked my brother who is currently living in China and is cycling more and more.
“On the one hand I love to, why not, but I don’t think I have the time or the money for it. Because I need some more than just my Pointer [= a normal Dutch bike, GT] and a sleeping bag from my mother’s attic.
But it is one hell of a journey. :-)”
Then I answered him that I might get some stuff sponsored, because I am on the road for so long.
“Haha, who knows. I won’t say ‘no’ at the moment, but I can’t say ‘yes’ either.”

My brother's bike in China.

My brother’s bike in China.

I have some time left to work his brain before I reach Siberia…


2 thoughts on “‘A changed route’

  1. I have just been to Japan, and think that is that country that is meant for biking! I cannot remember I have been a place, where bikers were accepted in the way I felt there. In DK there are many of us, we are a movement, wonderful biker paths, but still many cars and walking people consider us an annoying part of the transportation. I will highly recommand you go there by bike.


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