Getting to know my bike better and better

It has been a while since I rode on my own bicycle. One of the little back chainwheels was broken. Easy to fix, you say. And that was the case after I knew how to do it. But I needed some advice from a new friend who is half a bicycle repairer and because we’re both busy it took a while (and I could borrow his bike, so I was out of need as well).

Now she rides again, but I would’ve liked to say, like a charm. But I can’t, because the chain, front chainwheel, cassette and the other little back chainwheel are worn out. I got the advice to wear it in with the new chainwheel, but I want the replace it, because it is far from smooth. And what is nicer than a smooth ride? I wouldn’t know!

Before I would not bother about it and would have gone to a bike shop and get it fixed. But those days are over, I want to do it myself from now on. Because on the road I want to be able to do it myself. Naturally I can repair a flat tyre, but I’ll like to broaden my field, because my bike has more parts that can snap, wear out, break, fall off, tear etc. I just can’t believe that Anne Mustoe cycled around the world twice and didn’t even know how to fix a puncture and she took pride in that as well (in that I can definitely see the humour)!

Anyway, to be honest, I was never really interested in the technical part, also because I won’t say I am very handy. But that has changed! I am very interested now (unfortunately I still got two left hands, that won’t change). So I’m really looking forward to roll up my sleeves, put the bike upside down and get started. Today I bought the stuff and tools for it, tomorrow I’ll ask about the know-how and get started. So hopefully my next blog post (or just a picture) will be with new shining metal. I am curious to find out how difficult or easy it will be. In that way I am getting to know my bike better and better. And that just deepens our mutual love even more…

On my way to Horsens to learn Danish (that's why I have that fancy office bag attached to the bike)

On my way to Horsens to learn Danish (that’s why I have that fancy office bag attached to the bike)


2 thoughts on “Getting to know my bike better and better

  1. Myn Deens is net sa bêst, dus even yn ‘t frysk
    Oer kettingen. In sliten ketting fret de tosksjillen op. Dat is djoer. In goede strategy is fakker wikselje. Bijgelyks inderdaad mei 3000 in oar ketting derop. De (heal) sliten ketting ophingje. Nei trije kettingen (9000 km) kin dat it earste ketting der wer op, dêrnei nr 2 en 3. Sa soe it wêze kinne datst mei trije kettingen wol 18.000 km dwaan kinst mei de selde tosktsjillen. Ik fergeat it faak en moast dan altyd EN in ketting En nij spul achter EN foar derop ha. Djoere grap (€ 330) dus doe in fyts kocht mei Rohloff naaf. Der bij doch ik deselde boppeneamde polityk. It achter tosktsjiltjse is ek om te draaien. Fyts op jierbasis in 7-9 tûzen km

    Groet ut Kûbaard


  2. Goeie, Halbe,

    Myn Frysk is ek better as myn Deensk, hear. 🙂
    Mar tank foar it advys, haw ek op de Facebook-groep ‘Expedition Bicycle Touring’ foar it earst heard fan sa’n Rohloff-naaf. Faaks is dat nochris wat om oer nei te tinken.
    Dat wikseljen mei trije kettings sil ik sekers tapasse! Tank foar dy praktyske tip!

    Groet út Hovedgård,


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