It is but a ‘cockstep’

I have made a trip to København (Copenhagen), it was no more than a ‘hoannestap’ (literally ‘cockstep’, meaning that it is no great distance at all), especially in comparison with a world trip. Nonetheless, I had a blast and felt the sun and wind on my face and knew that that is one of the reasons why I want to take on a longer (read: very long) bike trip, because cycling is not just a hobby, it is a very deeprooted passion.

There are many websites you can visit to see what København is like, I am not going to write about the things I saw and visited (although I attached a few pictures just to give you an impression), it is more interesting why I want to travel around the world.

I don’t consider myself as a sportsman, but I love to test myself and push myself to the limit. To try to reach a certain point. The feeling is so sweet when you actually get there. All the fatigue flows away and you feel like a million bucks. No matter if the trip you undertake is a long one or just a trip to the capital of Denmark. I had that feeling again, it gave me a rush. I can’t wait to set off on my world trip to see what my limitations are and if I am able to stretch them.

Apart from that (main) reason, I can easily think of many other reasons to cycle ’round the world. It is very exciting to visit new places and meet new people. A few weeks ago I was asked to help build a bumper car tent for the local fair. There were three nice people from Romania, who invited me for supper, beer and palinka afterwards. We talked, philosophized and drank a lot and I just couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I hoped that I will have those warm and accidental meetings when I am on the road.

Not long ago I was waiting for a bus to pick me up. But a car came and the driver asked if I was heading to Århus. That was indeed my plan, so I could hop in. He told me his whole live story as an ex-junkie about how he got clean, got a job, found a girlfriend and was earning money. He asked me maybe just two questions.
I always like it better when other people talk, that is more interesting than to tell something myself. I know my own thoughts and my own plans, you learn more when listening than talking. In other words the lift was much more pleasant than to sit alone in the bus. Again I couldn’t stop thinking about something like that happening again in the near future.

Things like these I experienced again when I made my trip to København. I used and met some very nice people. Although at first I had some troubles in finding hosts, as I wrote in a previous blog post. But I managed with the help of another host. It is very nice to stay at places with likeminded people.
I actually never thought I was so keen on meeting new people, because I never considered myself very social. I guess people change, because lately I’ve met a lot of new people during my stay in Denmark and I like it a lot.

Notwithstanding that I really enjoy my own company, I like to cycle and to test myself on my own like I wrote before. I like to explore the city on my own pace, but also cycling from one place to the other. In that way I can decide myself when I want to stop, which route I want to take etc. etc. In that way there is never an argument. When there is, then I am always right. The next few years I might get bored of myself as well sometimes…

Traveling with a companion has it advantages as well of course. You have someone to rely on. In case of nasty situations, you can discuss it. We have a saying, that two know more than one. And sometimes it is just nice to talk to someone, to share some of your thoughts you had on the road when you cycled alone. I have no doubts at all that I will travel some parts of my trip with someone else. Emily Chappell wrote on her blog that she enjoyed company, but liked to be on her own again as well. I can fully relate to that.

Furthermore, it is a huge challenge (not only the part when I have my butt on the saddle, but also the planning and organizing, I am curious to find out if I’m made of the right stuff to complete it. The challenge makes it into a huge adventure. I like to see something of the world. I don’t have a fixed job, a fixed accomodation, a fixed relationship and I am still relatively young, so the time is now! I can settle here in Denmark, get a normal job, a normal appartment etc., but then I will never do it.  That will always be an option when/if I get back. But I am not really the settling down-type. So just give me a fully loaded bike, a map and preferably the wind behind me.

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2 thoughts on “It is but a ‘cockstep’

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  2. This is to Geart´s brother in China: The only things you will regret when you get old are the things you did not do. Geart´s suggestion that you join him biking Japan is a “once in a lifetime offer”. As Japan is great for biking, and for the fact – as far as I understand – that you have a Dutch payment in China, you save the money, buy you a good bike and join him! After all you have time untill next year, to get it arranged and not doing this, is one of the things you will regret when you get old. Dorte, DK


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