Cycling for a bike and more

The world is on fire nowadays. Actually, it has always been on fire. When there are people, there is trouble, or worse: there is war. There is a lot of hatred and fear on this planet. But I am a strong believer that there is still a lot of kindness and goodness in this world, as there has always been. One of the many reasons why I want to go on a world trip, is that I want to prove myself right. I want to see, hear and experience myself that it is not naïve to believe that people can still give a friendly smile to a complete stranger. Perhaps even a cup of coffee and a biscuit. That people still feel safe to invite a complete stranger – even when he smells a bit of sweat and dirt – into their homes to have a chat, to talk about minor and major things. To learn from that other person who has come so suddenly into their lives and is so briefly in their presence. With all those short presences that complete stranger will be most definitely be touched by every act of kindness, and will be more than reassured that there is a core of love in every human being. I hope, and I expect, to find that in every corner of the world. I’m no fool, I know there are people who might take advantage of me as they think of me as a rich western guy. Will those less friendly experiences be overshadowed by the friendly ones?

I don’t want to cycle around the world for four years, just to prove myself right. I would really love to do something good for other people as well. Crap, that sounds like I’m one hell of a saint, but really I am not. I have the privileged opportunity to be able (at least I most dearly hope so!) to cycle ‘round the world. For me, that will be an unforgettable experience. I am sure that I will be more enriched in those four years than I would if I stayed at home for ten, maybe twenty years. If I can only buy myself some food and coffee, maybe a beer and a bit of pipe tobacco now and then, I am more than satisfied. I can’t buy big things even if I wanted to, because of the simple fact that I can’t carry it around. Memories and experiences are all that I need. With that I will have kilometers of inspiration. A writer can’t ask for more than that. So tell me why I wouldn’t give something back to people who need it the most? So which cause could I better sponsor than ‘Cycling out of Poverty’? With every euro/dollar/yen/Danish crown you give, you can help people in Africa to get a bicycle. That they can go faster from their home to the market to sell all kind of things. Or a doctor can go faster from one patient to another, etcetera etcetera. Some details need to be taken care of, but they would love to throw their lot with me. So in the near future I can give you a bank account where you can deposit all your superfluous money! In the meantime you can check out their homepage by clicking here.



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