Here’s the mail that has gone out to the world to get as many donations as possible for Cycling out of Poverty. So please read it and please donate!

Hello you!

In april this year I am about to try to cycle round the world. A journey that will take a few years. The route is roughly: The Netherlands/Fryslân, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgary, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazachstan, China, Mongolia, Japan, Alaska, Canada, North America, Central America, South America, a part of Africa, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands/Fryslân.

I am already a cyclist in heart and soul, but now I want to find my inner adventurer. But even more, I want to go to new countries, meet new people to gain unforgettable experiences. The world is on fire nowadays, however I am convinced that the world is still good in her core, something I like to see.
Writing is another passion of mine, I am convinced that I will gather so much material that I am able to write as many kilometers as I cycle. On my blog I already started with that.
I am going to encounter myself. It is going to be bloody hard and I will ask the utmost of myself, but it’s only then that you find the ultimate satisfaction and on the most beautiful places the earth has to offer.

Because of the fact that it’s going to enrich me so much, I want to do something in return in a different way, to contribute in making the world a little bit better. Therefore I want to support the charity organisation Cycling out of Poverty:
CooP is operating in Kenya and Uganda and helps people in getting a bike. That can be a farmer, so he can go faster to and from the market, it saves him time and he can take more goods in one go. A doctor can go faster from one house call to another in which he can save lifes! Children can go faster to and from school, so there are less drop outs and therefore they learn more.
This is the reason why we need you! Support us with a fixed amount, for every kilometer or a specific destination. Be creative! For example: you want to donate a certain amount when I take a photograph on the North Cape or something like that! Give me a nice challenge (and a nice amount of money)!

Click here to find out how you can donate.

Both on this site as on the one of CooP the amount of donations will be updated every month, so you can see the total that has been brought in so far.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,
also in name of Cycling out of Poverty,


Geart Tigchelaar


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