Last week I received a kickass assignment from my publisher. He wants me to write a poem or a very short story in every country I visit. CooP gets € 25 for every poem/short story and they will be published in a book when I get back again.

I received a very interesting assignment by the world famous author, and winner of the Gysbert Japicx-prize, Koos Tiemersma.
A copy of his book Under wetter (Under water) is in the library of the university of Kaunas since 2014. My assignment is that I have to check if it is still there and to see in what state it is. Therefore I have to fill in a form and sent that back to the author. When I’ve completed it, we’ll receive € 100!

A good friend of mine gave me the assignment to take a photograph during a midsummernight in Sweden or Finland for the amount of € 50.



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