Some first reflections

So I’m off! I started on the 18th of april and reached the city of Kiel on the 21th. I expected that the doorstep mile would be a bit hard. It wasn’t on monday, to be frank. It was harder on tuesday when I left my girlfriend behind in Groningen. A few times I wanted to go back, said to myself what the hell I am doing, but then the prospect of the adventure took me. Furthermore it wasn’t saying goodbye, it is jut a temporary separation of roads.We’ll meet again on the same roads in the near future.

I’ll be honest, the way to Kiel went a little bit too quick. My body tells me that I pushed myself too much (I should have trained some more as well). I know that is a quality of mine that can be a curse and a blessing. Part of this adventure is that I want to take it easy, see how it comes, see how for I can get without pushing myself to the limit. I will be pushed by the circumstances enough. So from now on I’ll force (!) myself to pedal a bit slower in order to unlearn it.

Nevertheless I flew to Kiel, I experienced some things which reminded me of one of the reasons I am undertaking this journey. The little things. The little encounters. The deers in the field where I put up my tent. They’re very alert, but curious what that guy is doing with that green sail he is putting up. The squirrel I see because I went back to take a picture from something. I wouldn’t have seen him/her if I didn’t. The commuter who’s asking where I am going and can hear on an instant I am from Holland. The older men who are walking in a forest and wish me a safe journey in a jolly and boylike way. The man at the gasstation where I am making sandwiches who puts a table in front of me because that is far more practical. My German friends I meet again in Kiel and have a bite to eat and a bear to drink. Oh yeah, and a shower and a warm room to sleep in.
Next stop? We’ll see!

PS: Photographs will be put on Facebook. If you’re interested, add me as a friend but please mention the reason so I know.


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