Sunny ride with cold nights

Last Friday I took off after having breakfast with my German Kumpels. It was sunny, but the northern wind was a bit chilly. The towns of Eckenförde and Flensburg are really nice along the water. The ride was good, but man oh man, the nights are darn cold. Maybe I have been a bit naive, but I haven’t counted on it that it would freeze and therefore I haven’t brought warm stuff enough.
On Friday I had trouble of finding a good sleeping place. At last I found a school with a sport field behind it. There was nobody around, so I took my chance and camped there. I just hoped there wouldn’t be a camera. Nobody came, so I relaxed. Had something to eat, washed myself etc. When I lay in bed the air raid alarm sounded! After that I heard a siren of what I thought was a firetruck. It scared the shit out of me, but the silence returned very quickly and I tried to sleep as good as I could because of the nightfrost. All part of the adventure!
I took off very early the next morning because I didn’t want people to see me. The next evening I found a very nice little cabin. I considered to find a B&B and try to lower the price by negotiating that I wouldn’t need to use a bed (I could sleep on my mattress) just not to freeze again. But then I found that cabin, it wasn’t warm, but much better than lying on the ground. I like the idea that everyone may use such a hut.
‘April doet wat ‘ie wil’ (April does what he wants to), so therefore I even had a bit of snow on Sunday. On Saturday people warned me for it. I thought, first I have to see it in order to believe it. But they were right og det var meget sjovt faktisk! And coming to Denmark felt a bit like coming home.
Here in the small village of Kattrup I have a little rest at friends of mine. So I can relax a bit, do some things and sleep in a warm room. After that I am going to Sweden and then I have the feeling the journey really starts, because I’ll be on unfamiliar ground.


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