Sweet Sweden

Somewhere on the ferry between Grenå and Varberg I skipped spring and ended up in summer, it seems to be. I just can’t say differently that the first days in Sweden have been most warm and lovely. Camping is much easier in Sweden so I don’t have to look over my shoulder, because of the socalled ällemannsrett. You may camp whereever you please. The next day I had the wind in my back and the sun in my face. At first the country looked a lot like Denmark, but pretty soon the landscape got rougher and there were less houses. Also when I came more inland the hills became higher and steeper. Now I found out what it means to really push hard to get on top of a hill. It’s sometimes a bit hard, but I actually enjoy it. I didn’t went on this journey without feeling some strain and sweat.
A new country comes with a lot of other new things as well. I found out that yellow road signs mean (most of the time at least) that it is a dead end street. I tried to get on a very rocky and steep slope. There was nothing else I could do than to curse and go back. On my way back I saw a less rocky slope. There is a very thin line between stubborness and stupidity I found out. I was right that it wasn’t that rocky, but it was one steep slope. I couldn’t cycle, I needed to push my mammoth up. All the way. With all due respect, I never quite understood why people would tire themselves in a gym. Now I understand it even less. Why go inside a building with loads of smelly other people and with music that is so loud and cheap you get a instant headache when you can push a bicycle up a slope in Sweden. Free exercise!
But when I came up and moved on for a bit the path became impassible with a fully loaded bike. So again I had to go back. But what the heck, the sun was shining, I had the wind in my back, I had food and water and my bike still pedaled, and I was in a most beautiful country.
There are quite a lot of those paths into forests. My front tyre is having a blast, skidding to and fro. Like a young puppy I struggle to keep him a bit in line and not to fall of my bike. After a few kilometers I don’t mind a bit of tedious but very smooth tarmac.

Enfin, when I came to Kinna I wanted to do a little shopping. A man saw my bike and asked where I was from. If I was a member of Warmshowers and if I had a place to sleep for the night. I could sleep at his place, he just needed to call his wife. She agreed, so that was settled. All in all a very warm welcome to Sweden indeed!



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