East coast and up north!

Reaching the eastcoast was a little milestone. A milestone that came with a bit of change in the weather. Still a lot of sunshine, but I got headwind and the wind was a bit more chilly.
Something happened to the B-roads as well. Either they ended or I couldn’t find them. I had to cycle on a big motorway (E4) or on rocky and sandy forest roads. The first is no pleasure with all that traffic. I am fond of cozy and comfy, but not when it is a combination between a truck, me and the guardrail. The forest roads are really nice. The scenery is great, the variation is overwhelming (open spaces, trees, lakes and houses). It is a damn shame I don’t see much of that, because I have to keep a very close eye on the one metre in front of me in order to avoid the biggest rocks and humps. I have to walk many times as well, because it is too steep and sandy that I don’t have grip. Going down isn’t that fun either when my rear tyre thinks it is a good idea of going – wee! – to the left or right without consulting me. Those roads are great when you have a mountain bike or go off hiking. Not when you have a fully loaded trekking bike.
Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to complain at all. I did not go on this journey to cycle round the world with ease. But I just wanted that there would be a middle ground (or road in this case). There was a road called Kustvägen. Would that have been better? I haven’t tried. When I cycled upon the E4 it was okay in the beginning, the stroke where you had to cycle was broad enough. So was it stubborness I kept going (not long after the stroke got too narrow) or just plain stupidity (again that question)?

But after I had a break yesterday the wind turned and grew stronger. And yeah! I got B-roads and so flew to Sundsvall! In the city centre I had my coffee. That is a nice way to feel the city vibe and most of the time you get in contact with some people. An older woman asked about my journey and clapped when I told her my (first) goal was the North Cape. Furthermore she told me something about the city. She stepped on the bus, I drank down my coffee and not long after I met another tour cyclist. A young guy from Germany who will be going to the North Cape as well. A few days ago I saw another one in a field with his tent still up. I just waved, but now we had a chance to talk. The first rain in Sweden fell, I just got my tent up before and that wás cozy and comfy with the water tickling on my tent.

It is now just immer gerade aus to the North Cape. I hope to fix my spokes and oil in Umeå (I write about that later) and get a Warmshower host there.



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