‘But of course I help if I can’

After Sundsvall I found the desired B-roads. Either by accident, by luck or because there weren’t any other roads beside the motorway. It is more mountainous in the region of Hogä Kusten. I love it, the climbs and effort it takes and the sweet treat of going down hill. But most of all the landscape and the wonderful views which comes with that. I love nature, and especially the roughness of Sweden. But I have much respect for a manmade construction like the Hogäkustenbron (High Coastal Bridge) as well. That was pretty amazing.
The motorway, the E4, is a manmade object I have a bit of a love/hate-relationship with. My route took me on it sometimes, like I wrote before. That wasn’t that fun. But in the weekend I chose the E4 on purpose because I wanted to make some progress in reaching the city of Umeå. The reason was bike problems, I come back to that later on. In the weekend it wasn’t bad at all, especially not in the early morning. Nice wide tarmac, nice views, a sign now and then that told me how far Umeå was. I reached the city on sunday, which I hoped. But I could feel my knee a bit, I overdid it a little. It was worth it, because my bicycle is as new again, therefore I can put that out of the back of my head. I promised myself not to push myself anymore.
I can’t praise Warmshowers enough. Especially not with hosts like Niklas. I contacted him before I would reach Umeå, because of the reason if something needed to be ordered I wouldn’t need to bide my time so long in that city. Niklas went over to the bike shop several times to ask about spokes and oil for my Rohloff-hub. The oil is a long story which isn’t important at the moment. I had some broken spokes of my rear tyre. After emailing with my bike shop back home it turned out I had the wrong ones (for my purpose). They could send them to me and get it somewhere fixed, but that wasn’t necessary, because the bike shop in Umeå was well provided for. The bill I can send to them and they will arrange it with Jan Janssen. The service is really great, both from Meindert Fietsspecialist as well as the CM Cykel in Umeå. But most of all Niklas who did the intervention! A really great guy, we had a lot of fun and talked about everything. Since they couldn’t fix my bike the same day, it wasn’t an issue at all I could stay a night more at his place. We did some sightseeing, eating icecream, drank beer, had interesting conversations, a good laugh and great food. I rode on a mountainbike for the first time in my life! So now my knee hurts in another way, because I fell a few times (those darn click pedals!). Right now, I am sitting at his kitchen table writing this blog while he is out working. When I pick up my bike, I just throw the key in his mailbox. The world would be a better place if there would be more people like Niklas!
Before I left, people asked me if I was going alone on this trip. In principle yes, but I also said I would meet a lot of people. Probably as well if I would need help with anything. But now I fully realize you’re not doing such an adventure alone. You just can’t do it without good Samaritans who cross your path. And I believe there are plenty of them in the world. So I continue my trip trusting everything will turn out just fine.


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