Another set of assignments

I have to confess that when I got a lot of assignments, I thought, oh man, now I’m quite bound by them. One of the reasons I went on this adventure is to have all the freedom I can possibly get. But it turned out to be fun to do, not the strain I feared. So I won’t have any problems with it if I receive more assignments. What am I saying? I even got some more!
I want to give a special thanks to my publisher (Afûk) as well, since they donate a euro to CooP for every copy of my novel that is being sold. That is now up to almost 180,-. Yeah, a spectacular number, but for a minority language Frisian is and because I just began to write, I am not dissatisfied.

One assignment is that I find poems in the wild in different languages. Just for the fun of it, I found to in the Sami language.



Also found in the Alta Museum

“The thunder rages at night
great is the power of the gods
mighty is the god”

(special thanks to Rymke Zijlstra)





And a poem in Norwegian, by Lars Saabye Christensen. I found one in Alta and also in Lakselv, there are much more places where this fragment can be found. Click here for more information about it and for the entire poem.


This one was photographed in Alta








IMG_20160602_123950so gather your flowers
in a rich bouquet
gather your light
to see through the darkness
gather your joy
to carry all tears
gather your hope
to hold on to the dream
gather your thoughts
to withstand all doubt

so gather yourself
gather your fellow humans
gather us together

(Translation by Rymke Zijlstra)

Before I left we always went biweekly to a café where they serve special beers (mostly Belgian ones). We called it the Grutte Pier Tripel Treffen, because of the Grutte Pier Tripel we like so much. It started of as a kind of joke, but we had quite a few of those meetings. One participant (Martsje de Jong) couldn’t come to the North Cape, so we of course had to make a photograph. We would have done that nonetheless, but she made an assingment of it.


Martsje’s daughter called us the ‘Pier-squad’.

When you follow this blog you’ve already seen some selfys at certain spots. Here are two more.
One crossing the Polar Circle. That is quite clear. The other one is at the town of Skoganvarre. For the fun of it I am holding my e-reader showing the book Nooit meer slapen by W.F. Hermans. The town appears in that particular book. The book is made into the film Beyond sleep as well (haven’t seen it yet, but it’s supposed to be good).


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