Passing through Finland with a new destination

I have to confess right away, I’ve been very disobedient. To myself. I promised myself not to cycle more than 100 kilometers per day anymore. I only succeeded in that self-imposed mission the first days in Finland, because I really needed a rest after coming down from the North Cape.

But for that insubmission I have three good arguments. At least I have convinced myself with them.

  1. The moment I entered Finland after Karasjok the weather was wintery to say the least. I had a lot of rain, snow and it was quite cold. What is there else to do than just keep on peddling, hoping it will be better more south? However, after a couple of days the weather went from wintery to springy, so it was just very pleasant to be in the saddle…

  2. Although it’s springy, it’s not quite summery yet. I am just very eager to find some more warmth. Especially in the mornings and evenings. That I am able to sit comfortably with my cup of coffee in the morning and not to down it, pack my stuff and get on the bike to ride some warmth in my muscles and bones. That I am able to sit in the evening outside my tent doing my writing with a cup of tea and a pipe of tobacco. And that w.ithout those darn mosquito’s.
  3. I have been in Scandinavia for almost two months. How I love this piece of the world, but nevertheless are the Baltic countries calling me. A whole different culture, a different language and most of all different people. I’ve never been that for east, so I am most curious to find out how those countries are.


I am well aware of the fact that these three arguments are not doing justice to the lovely country Finland is. Seeing it as just an open door from Norway to the Baltic States is almost an insult. Therefore I try to make amends. Although I make long days, I have a bit more off as well. I spend a whole day in Rovaniemi (went to the Arktikum) and I checked out Oulu. And most definitely I want to see Helsinki a day or two before I ride onto the ferry which is taking me to the city of Talinn in Estonia. And, and…! To make up for the many kilometers I do take longer and more breaks!


But where to now? That has been a question for me lately. I’ve reached the North Cape, that was a milestone and has been a fixed point on the horizon. I know I planned to cycle around the world, but that was before I met a very sweet girl back in The Netherlands. Those things obviously change plans. Since we haven’t had enough of each other we talked my journey through. In my opinion it’s just not only my decision anymore. The initial plan was that I would fly in August to the United States. But when I’m there, I have to cycle some as well, otherwise it’s a waste of a lot of money to get my bike, panniers and myself across the ocean. And than we are not seeing each other again for a while. Since she’s paying a friend of her a visit in the US, I can simply said ride home to her in the meanwhile.

Well, that’s it. Through the Baltic States and then Poland, Germany and the city of Groningen. That’ll be the start of a new adventure.
And that is probably the fourth and most strong argument.

In the meanwhile I am still posting a weekly blog. I still have assignments in those countries I cross, so those will also be posted here when I have completed them. In other words, I am not quite home yet.


3 thoughts on “Passing through Finland with a new destination

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  2. Hello, wanted to let you know, I found your note in an WC in Norway a few days ago. Rocky beach, but I don’t think I registered the name of the place as it was just a spot to stretch legs for us (we were road-tripping from Estonia to Nordkapp via Lapland with friends and then back via Tromso and more Lapland). I think there was an silver shop by the road. Anywho, your note said you’d slept in the WC and you had added the address of this blog. I admire people like you, who cycle to the ends of the world. Wish you luck on your travels! 🙂

    Greetings from Tallinn


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