The last assignments of Scandinavia

Now that I’ve arrived in Helsinki, I could do the last assignments. Below are the ones I’ve completed in Norway and Finland.
I ordered a book at a shop in Helsinki. They told me it would arrive in just a few days, but it will be there at the end of next week (of course I ordered it already on Monday or Tuesday). Hopefully it can be send to the one who gave me the assignment.And it is the first time I haven’t completed an assignment. I am ashamed of that, but I haven’t cycled to Kuhmo.
But if you want me to do something for the rest of my journey, please contact me and support CooP by doing so!

I had to eat stockfish with locals back in Norway. But since I never met locals who I ate with, let alone stockfish, I was allowed to do it by myself. Since I couldn’t find any stockfish in Finland, it was okay that I bought a ‘turskafilet’ (filet of a codfish). That I stumbled upon a ‘laavu’ was pure coincidence, but added an extra element. The assignment was given to me to make some contact with people. Since the donator read that I had some meetings in Finland, this was alright as a completed assignment.

In Norway I had to make a picture of what looks like a wolfsdog, because of the translation of Virals by Kathy Reichs into Frisian (order the book here!). In that book there’s quite a big role set out for a wolfsdog called Coop and since I cycle for CooP, that link was easily made. I found one in Finland actually, but the dog was Norwegian. It is a traditional breed they use for hunting moose. The picture is not that good, because ‘he’s never been that aggressive with a human before.’ I didn’t know how I should interpret that…


I had to send a postcard from the North Cape and one from Karasjok, the last city I visited before entering Finland. Both people made a photograph when they got it.

The next assignment is almost more like a project. For André Looijenga, check out his blog here, I have to send bilingual volumes of poetry (this time Sami – Norwegian, read his blog to get more information). He wants to translate a couple of poems and publish them here. In that way we bring poetry from a wide range of countries into Frisian. We bring poetry across borders and CooP gets a donation. A win-win situation in other words (pun intended)!


I had to rent a mökki (cottage) and go into a sauna. It was my very first time. I thought it was hot, sweaty and a little smothering. Today I went again in a public sauna (yeah yeah, had to wear swimshorts) and that was a really pleasant with a dive in a river next to it.

I had to either experience the Midsummernight (Juhannes) or make a midnight cycletrip. At the time of making the video I didn’t know where I would be at the 24th of June. In the meantime I found a friendly Warmshower-host who doesn’t mind a stranger among the people he’s having over to his house in Helsinki where I will be tomorrow (acutally, already today). I think it isn’t a bad thing I couldn’t upload the video here (the free version of WordPress doesn’t support video’s), since my presentation and accent is earaching. If you really want to see it, contact me. But tomorrow is Juhannes, I probably blog about that, so that counts as well.

Make a selfy at a sign with a Finnish and Swedish (bilingual) town sign the next assignment was. I could never find one, but at last in the vicinity of Helsinki there were some. So, of course I took one of the the capital of Finland.


In a music store I found the piano setting for the piece Finlandia by Sibelius. Little ironic that I couldn’t find it in the shop of the Helsinki Music Centre, where the Sibelius Academy is located.


And the last poem in the wild I took in Oulu. One by Koskenniemi. Therefore no more ‘wild poems’ from now on. Thanks to the donator for a very interesting and original assignment!


Poet of Merikoski and the White City

Veikko Anteri

Born in Oulu 08-07-1885
Lived here 1892-1903

In dreams I often return to the path that leads to school
My steps take me from my home gate, all the way


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