Baltic assignments

I am not even in Vilnius yet, but I’ve finished all of the assignments I ‘had’ to do in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Here they are. And remember, I don’t have that much in Poland, and even neither in Germany (because of my changed route, i.e. my homecoming).


In the series of selfies I had to make one which showed Russian influence. I found two examples, so it was a little effort to make two photographs. Actually the first one wasn’t that easy, since the rain came pouring down, hence is the selfy not that sharp. I found that one in Tallinn, by the way.

The second one was in Pärnu. The Transformation of Our Lord Apostolic Orthodox Church  built in Old-Russian in 1904.


André Looijenga gave me the assignment to find bilingual volumes of poetry. In the Baltics, but as well in Finland he was interested in Sami and Finnish literature. The Finnish one is being sent by the bookshop, because the book didn’t arrive before I left Helsinki (great service!). Anyway, in Estonia I had some great service as well. The book could be sent to Pärnu, not in four days but already the next day when I mentioned that I would not be that long in Pärnu. So when in Estonia, go to Rahva Raamat.



I had to cross the river Daugava anyway, so why not take a selfy? I actually crossed the river quite a lot, since I was four days Riga cycling around. Besides I did some writing in the library for which I had to cross the river. In other words, plenty of opportunities. I don’t look that happy, because I am not that fond of making selfies to be honest… But it’s for a good cause!

And another volume of poetry, in four languages: Latvian, Russian, German and English. By the famous author Aspasia. Bought it in Riga.



Today I crossed the river Neman in order to see the Kaunas Funiculars. And with that a splendid view on the city and the river.

And today I found a Lithuanian – English volume of poetry in Kaunas. Yesterday I went to two bookstores where they couldn’t help me, just because they didn’t know of such a book. That were the two big bookstores in the city for crying out loud! And they didn’t do any effort to look it up, call a colleague or whatever. But I found Humanitas in the Old Town, the woman behind the counter knew instantly where one copy had to be. Although she needed to search a bit, since it wasn’t in the place where it should be, she found it! So forget about all the other bookstores in Lithuania (I will not mention them here), just go to Humanitas.


And than the last assignment in the whole of the Baltic Countries; something else than a selfy or buying poetry. But literature nevertheless. There is a copy of Under Wetter (Underwater) by Koos Tiemersma in the Library of the University of Kaunas. The author himself has asked me to check if the book would still be there and in what condition it would be. The woman behind the register found it quickly and it was in perfect condition.


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