The adventure is over?

When people welcomed me back ‘home’ (read my previous blog post), they also mentioned that it was too bad that my adventure was over. They liked the photo’s and blog entries. It made me wonder why my adventure would be over. Do people think that now that I had my bike trip and I am back again, that I should get a normal life?

Well, there is nothing more that I desire. A house on the corner in Stiens, with a big wooden fence around it, a shiny car on the drive way, which I’ll wash every weekend after I have mowed the lawn. But most of all go to work every single day with a huge fake smile just in order to pay my mortgage. All the while thinking about how I wasted precious time on my bike, cycling through those boring countries and meeting a lot of uninteresting people.
I would smother in no time. I’m living anti-squat again in an old school building. Nice and cheap and very flexible. I am buying my furniture second hand, in order to save money for the more important things in life. In that way I don’t have to find a job right away, so I can work on a translation and write a book about my journey. In that way I keep a lot of spare time and freedom to be able to do some cycling and travelling (of course this time not always alone).
Therefore I had a little trip last weekend. In December last year I was blown back by a raging storm on the Afsluitdijk. I’ve crossed that dyke before, but I wanted to do it again, although it’s quite a boring ride. This time I succeeded, since the conditions were slightly better. I could camp on a farm (acquaintance of my sister) in Wieringerwerf. I didn’t bring my little fuel tank since I had forgotten it. I still don’t know how stupid I could’ve been like that. So I ate my kidney beans cold with some apple sauce. The tap water was so hot, that I could use that for my coffee the next morning. So I had no problems in riding across the dyke between Enkhuizen and Lelystad to the city of Apeldoorn where I visited a Beerfestival on Sunday. To taste new beers and to have a chat with my great sponsor Bernd Beersma of De Kleine Beer Brouwerij.

It was pleasant to be on the road again, and I will do so again.This month I’m going on a ten days trip to Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. Other routes are in my head as well. With those trips I still want to promote Cycling out of Poverty as well. With the hope that people will still donate, or that they give me assignments again when I announce a trip. CooP does a lot of good work in Uganda and Kenya, they deserve all the support they can get. So, I’ll let you know when I know more about my next trip.

In other words, don’t be dissapointed, my adventure is far from over in my opinion. It just got started, because I had a little bite of it and I loved the taste.


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