The very last assignments

My trip round Scandinavia and the Baltics has now really come to an end, now that all the assignments have been completed (and payed for). Like I wrote before am I not finished cycling. I’ll get back to that after I summed up the three last assignments.

Since she will be a grandmother in the near future, she gave me the assignment to do something with the new generation. I am fague about it, because she gave me space to do whatever I wanted to with that subject. Because I encountered some hosts who take their kids on bike trips and by that teach them the love of cycling and adventure, I chose that as a starting point. Here are three pictures of three hosts. The first two in Sweden, the last one in Poland.

My very friendly host in Bialystok, Poland, gave me the assignment to write them a letter by snailmail. I like writing letters, and I love snailmail, so that was no big deal. Unfortunately I don’t have a photograph to show you, but he already let me know that the letter had safely arrived in Poland.

A friend of mine gave me a rather extensive assignment, which I read to late. He was nice on time, I saw he had written me an e-mail and I thought I would read it later on when I would have more time. And then I forgot all about it. But if I couldn’t do the initial assignment, there was a backup. I could’ve easily done that just before entering Groningen, namely to make a picture of the place sign of Muntendam – small village in the province of Groningen and also his surname. Of course I haven’t read that either, so I went there one day from Groningen. I had a nice trip, because the weather was exceptionally good.


In my previous blog post I mentioned a ten day trip to Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. How do things go when you take on work again? Yes, I have the honour to give a course again, so my hands are a little tied. Next week I’m free, because of a vacation. Time to undertake a little trip of two days I reckon. And when the course is over beginning next year I want to plan another trip. I’ve been north, this time I want to go south. A month, maybe two. Needless to say I am not done cycling yet. Ever.


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