New little big adventure

I’ve been home for a while. Did some other things than riding a bike. Although I have to confess I don’t cycle every single day, the urge to ride is always laying in the back of my head, like a bear in hibernation. And the need to go on a bigger trip is laying right next to it.
I can’t describe it differently than a ‘need’. Now that I know how it is to go on such a journey I can get a little restless at times. The joy, the pain, the people, the adventure, the struggle, the satisfaction etcetera etcetera. I can almost say it has become a bit of a part of me.Since my life situation has altered some I have no need to be away for four months, let alone to go on a world tour. I’ve been way up north to the North Cape (Norway) last summer. In February next year I want to go down south. Final destination is Spain. Madrid, Gibraltar, Valencia? I have no exact route yet. Well, there won’t be one either, since it’s part of the adventure to go with the flow. You get some advice about the road up ahead, you hear about a certain place you should visit, there is a Warmshower host you really like to go to. Only by thinking and writing about it increases the longing to be on my way!
So, first I only need an exact date. When I have one, I’ll let you know.
A thing that ís certain at this moment is that I want to keep on promoting Cycling out of Poverty. That charity organisation is worth cycling for!


In dire need of going out that confined space


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