What a difference between the next trip and the last.True, the next one will be shorter and therefore needs less planning. But moreover I have the feeling that I know a bit how such a trip goes. Which gear I need and how to use it. I know about the strokes of the whip as we say in Frisian/Dutch, which means I know the basics and the routines. So, all in all I just have to stuff some clean boxers and tooth brush in my panniers, put them on my bike and get going. I have a rough route in the back of my head and I have a date (more or less, when my tattoo has healed) and a destination. So, that is all the preparation I’m doing this time.
Although not completely, I’ve wanted to do some winter camping to test my gear below zero degrees. In april last year I still had some cold nights. Therefore I wanted to see if I could keep myself warm with an isolation sheet and some other clothing. I brought my gear over to my parents’ place, who have a big garden. The weather forecast said it would freeze, but it didn’t. Hopefully I’ll get another chance before I leave. Otherwise I’ll improvise on the road again. Part of the adventure, isn’t it?

I love it, that I don’t have to prepare more than that. The planning and to figure things out isn’t what makes the journey worth while. Sure, it is necessary, but not part of the fun. The biking itself is.
Therefore I’m happy to say I’ve got some experience and because of that I know a little what to expect. But I still feel to joy of going on a new adventure to new countries and meeting new people. The fact that it will be just a month and a half makes it nice and easy to overlook. No quick and hasty cycling through a relatively lot of countries, but just three (Belgium, France and Spain) of which I’ll make the most of it. I’ll be quite a long time in France and if possible my sister and her partner will be in Spain to show me around. Somewhere in March I’ll be back again to plan my next trip!



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