I want to fly my bicycle, I want to fly my bike

Yes, I have a fixed date! On the third of Februari I fly from Eindhoven Airport to Alicante in Spain. There I will be a couple of days enjoying the company of my sister and her boyfriend, who has a summer cottage there. And then I’ll ride all the way back to Fryslân again. I guess I’ll be back somewhere in March.

I’m really looking forward to a new little big adventure. In my previous blog post I wrote that I can lean on a bit of experience. In other words, I’ll just have to pack my stuff and go. But I have to add a little footnote in this post. Because I will fly to my starting point. That’s not that exciting you might say. But what is exciting, is that I won’t be flying alone. In order to ride back up again, I have to take my bike with me on the plane. Therefore it will not be enough to just pack my stuff, I need to pack my bicycle as well. That gives me more to worry about than the whole darn trip. How do I pack it up safely? How do I get it to the airport once it’s in a box? Do they treat my package (i.e. my bike) carefully? In what state do I get my bike back, or will I get it back at all!?

Well, first of all I will ask for a box and advice at my bikeshop next week. From there on I’ll just go step by step. Everything will probably turn out just fine. As always till this far. Before I know my bike and I are safe and sound in Alicante in order to commence my new adventure!



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