Three talks

The next best thing to cycling is talking about cycling. I have the honour to do that three times this month. Once even abroad.

I attend a Danish course and because of my last trip I missed out two lessons. To make up for that I had to give a little talk about my trip this evening.

On the Facebook site of Warm Showers was a call for talks for cyclists who would be crossing through Gent, Belgium, at the end of Februari. They would be offered a place to stay with people from the socalled ‘Fietskeuken‘ (Bicycle Kitchen). A place where you can fix your bike yourself, meet up with other bike enthusiasts and have a drink.
Well, why not try to go through Gent on my way up? But the event was postponed to the end of March. Since I was still welcome to give a talk (the subject is not only about my trips, but also in relation to my writing) I will be going by train, because it’s too fun not to go there and give a talk and meet the people of the Fietskeuken.

The last one is next week in the village where I was born and raised. In The Netherlands, and I think especially in Fryslân every village has a club of people who are dedicated to do work for the village. These clubs organise an annual fair and other festivities, information (signs), streetlights and everything to make the place a nicer community. In the village of Damwâld they always have somebody who gives a talk about whatever subject after the annual general meeting. This time they asked me. Well, my dad did sosince he is in the board.

Since I won’t make a bike trip the upcoming months I can talk about my previous travels. Every talk has it’s own point of focus, a different public and place, so it will be far from boring. And of course I hope to enthusiast other people to make trips like mine. Fun to mention, is that the three talks will be in three different languages. First Danish, second Dutch and the third Frisian.
Another reason I like to do it, is that I can mention Cycling out of Poverty and the great work they are doing.

So, if you think it could be interesting to ask me to give a talk, you can always contact me. The payment I ask for it, goes directly to CooP, so you’re also helping out a great charity organisation. Win-win situation!



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