Cycling with company

I have always wondered how it would be to be cycling with someone else. With the previous trips I made, I never cycled more than a few dozen kilometers with another cyclist I coincidentally met on the road. I wouldn’t have mind if I would have company for one or two days, just to have that experience.


But now I did have that experience. From just a couple of kilometers with a complete stranger I went cycling with my girlfriend for four days in a row. It was a kind of a training round to East-Frisia, since we’re planning to go by bike to Gdansk/Danzig, Poland in a week. First of all we wanted to test if she could keep up with me, and if we wouldn’t get so fed up with each other that we would kick each other out of the tent.
It went way above all expactations. She cycled like a beast, not once did I had the feeling I had to slow down a bit to let her catch her breath. We fell quite quick into a routine of building up the tent, after which Ydwine would unpack the matrasses, sleeping bags etcetera while I would lit the stove to make us a cup of coffee and boil the pasta afterwards. It went all smoothly as if we had done it for years and years.
Sure, after four days she did feel some muscles she didn’t know she had and after sitting awhile she got a bit stiff. But that’s no different with me. It would be weird when you wouldn’t feel anything after cycling for a midweek. You feel tired in a very satisfactory way. Danzig is just a few hundred kilometers more, so after this training round that will be a piece of cake.

When talking to someone about my cycling and having to answer the question if I don’t mind to ride alone, I sum up the benefits. You can ride on your own tempo, you can have a break whenever you want to. You can choose the route all by yourself. You just don’t have to take anyone one into account. But when you have the right cycling partner those things aren’t a issue.
Apart from the wonderful things and people you encounter, I have to confess that cycling for days in a row can be a bit lonely sometimes and you can get slightly cranky when you can’t find the way or a camping spot, or you just think why the hell you’re riding in the middle of nowhere with headwind and rain.
I actually can’t think of any disadvantages about cycling with your partner. I don’t think I’ll go cycling alone that easily again, but first of all we have to survive our adventure to Gdansk. 😉



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