Danish retreat

On the 10th of October a new adventure will begin for me. Not really a new one, since I’ve been in Denmark before. And I’ve been there by bike before. And I’ve done some writing before.

Maybe not all that exciting, but also familiar roads can take you down to a new adventure, and writing a new book is always a new adventure. Alright, enough of the clichés. There ís something new. Apart from the fact that my top one priority is that I will be starting on my new novel, I would like to explore the Danish literature a bit more, since I’m quite a layman on that subject. Armed with a slightly better camera than my smartphone I would not only like to do more with photography, but with interviewing and filming as well. So I hope to be able to get into contact with preferably poets and more preferably poets of more or less my age. What drives them to write poetry, how do they do it, what are their themes. And to translate a poem of theirs.

But writing remains number one, so it won’t be that adventurous as my previous trips. I’m living comfortably in a house, at the lovely family where I did some WWOOF’ing a few years ago. They are very welcoming and joyful people and you can’t find more hygge than in their heartwarming house.

The updates that will follow after I arrive in Kattrup – a small village between Horsens and Arhus – will therefore be of a bit less cyclinglike character.



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