Writing and no cycling

The mind is a strange thing. Why did I get in my head that I wanted to ride in only four days from Groningen to Kattrup? Was it because I actually wanted to leave sooner than I did? Was it because I wanted to have as little overnight stays as possible? Was it because I wanted to prove myself? I think a bit of all of that.


The harbor of the border city Flensburg/Flensborg.

I always think of myself as not-competitive. But every time I have to confess that there is a competitor in all of us, so in me as well. My mind just won’t seem to bend in that way to accept that I am. When I wanted to ride to the Nordkapp last year and would get some visitors either there or just where I would be at that moment, I cycled my arse off to get as far as possible. Nobody demanded that of me, it was just because I had that idea stuck in my head.


I didn’t have the best of weather, but at least I had mostly the wind in the back.

I didn’t make it to the Nordkapp before my visitors arrived. I ‘stranded’ in Alta, 200 kilometers from the most northern point of the European mainland. Now again I realized on the very first day I wouldn’t make it in four days to cycle just under 600 kilometers. Five days is already quite an effort when you have some winter clothing, Danish dictonaries and ‘hagelslag’ in your panniers.
But thanks to the never enough praised community called Warmshowers I could leave my camping gear at home, which saved me a lot of weight and hassle. All four stays were simply terrific. In that way you meet a lot of awesome people who let a sweaty cyclist into their home, provide him with a warm shower, warm meal and warm bed. Great to have such shelters in between the rainy and windy days.

And thanks to those wonderful people I could make it in five days to Kattrup. Otherwise it probably took me a day longer. In a next blogpost I’ll give them them a voice themselves in my very first digital story, which will be online in the near future. I’ll see how things will go, but it could well be that this blog will become more visual and less written, so to speak.
But there has to be done a lot of writing now that I’m here, since that is what I’m here for. I’ll have to skip cycling for the coming months, as I need to work on my novel.


My home for the time being with the lovely family at Kattholt.


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